Where to find us

58°26’14.3″N 15°37’21.5″E
58°26.238’N 15°37.358’E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
58.4373, 15.622634

The nautical chart is correct. Some navigation marks are not. Trust the official charts. LSS has also issued a more detailed nautical chart.

From the harbour there is a 30-40 min walk to the centre of Linköping. Taxi is recommended.

You reach the malls outside Linköping (visible from the harbour) in 20 min on foot. They have everything from food to clothes, electrical equipment, paint, glass fibre and propane to tools. The shops are open 7 days/week. Fuel is also available but you need to bring canisters. 

Harbour facilities

The harbour has 220 moorings (bow or stern to quay and poles), toilet, fresh water, electricity, club house, parking, mast crane, slipway (5 tons maximum) and storage facilities for masts.

Sewage can be emptied in the sewage station at the end of the jetty at the East end of the harbour (near the harbour entrance). It is clearly marked.

Household waste can be emptied in one of the bins at the Western gable of the mast shed. NO dangerous waste please!

Dangerous waste, chemicals, paint, metals and plastics must be transported by the boat owner self to Gärstadverken.

Also the area is a recreation area with walking paths and possibilities for grilling and bird-watching.

The water depth in the harbour is 2.5 meters at normal water level for lake Roxen (33,3 m above sea level). As the water level varies (roughly from 32,5 to 33,5 m) it might be wise to check the current water level. You can do that here .

Harbour fees for guests

We welcome guests, but our harbour is a club harbour with limited facilities and not an official guest harbour. The harbour fee for guest is set accordingly and is currently 75 SEK/day. That includes electricity for charging batteries (not heating or cooking), access to toilets, fresh water and possibilities to get rid of sewage and waste.

You pay by putting money in an envelope with the name of your boat and date. There is a slot for letters at the north west corner of the mast shed. Alternatively, send the money to PostGiro: PG62 67 60-3. Give your name and the name of the boat in the message.

Winter harbour / leaving the boat in the harbour for an extended period of time

Contact styrelse@linss.se if you need to leave your boat in the harbour (or in the boatyard) for an extended period.

Contact information

Should you need to contact anyone before your visit, please mail styrelse@linss.se or call people on the contact page.